Turkey Foot Farm – Home of the 2011 “Best Continental” State Fair Cockerel!

State Fair Birds:  The 2011 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson Kansas took place on Sept 9 -18.  We try to go each year and this year we decided to have some entries.  The state fair is a great place to exhibit all types of crops, livestock, crafts, foods and many other items.  We decided to enter three of our chickens.  We entered two Ameraucana pullets, Elizabeth and Ellie May and a Silver Spangled Hamburg cockerel named David Spade.  The photo below shows the three chickens we entered in the cages that were provided by the fair.

Our prize winning trio. Ellie May, Elizabeth and David Spade. These are the cages they spent 10 days in at the State Fair.

Big Winnings:  Our three chickens exceeded our greatest expectations.  I used to show horses and rabbits in 4-H and never did very well so I was not too optimistic about winning in the open class at the State Fair.  However, I did not count on my partner, Farmer Girls, prowess as a judge of quality poultry.  She picked out the three birds from our flock of about 30 adult birds.  She used the American Poultry Association Standards of Perfection to select her entrants.  All three birds were awarded prizes.  Ellie May won 5th place in her class and Elizabeth won Best of Breed and Best of Variety.  David Spade, however, was the real champ.  He won Best of Breed and Best of Variety along with Best Continental!!!!

Best Continental is a prize for the best European style bird in the whole Fair!

Left to right: David, Elizabeth and Ellie May's entry cards and ribbons.

Farmer Girl gets all the credit along with monetary reward – $12.00.  Not only did she choose the birds, she washed them and cared for them prior to judging.  On the morning of judging she visited them and cleaned their legs and put Vaseline on their faces and combs.  They looked great.  The birds had to stay at the fair for 10 days and when they returned they were quarantined at Turkey Foot Farm to ensure they did not bring any contagion back to the main flock.  Here is a photo of Elizabeth and David Spade back home playing near the mobile coop which we used for isolation.

David and Elizabeth near mobile coop.

David is a very hyper bird and a photo does not do him justice.  You can see a video of him at



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