Spring Greens and Geese

French Breakfast and Cincinnati Market radishes. These are heirloom radishes that were planted on April 1, 2011 and pulled on May 8 (37 days). The long one in my hand is the Cincinnati Market. After topped and pared - they weighed in at 8 oz.

Spring is no time for regrets, but this year I have a few mild regrets.  First,  I wish I had not started my tomatoes indoors so early and I wish I had planted more radishes and mustard greens.  Weather-wise, it’s been one weird spring.  We had frost warnings during the last week of April when it reached down to 34 F at TFF.  Then 10 days later we hit the 90’s.  Add to this the fact that we have had less than an inch of rain in the last three weeks and it’s fair to say that vegetable gardening has been challenging.  “Dry with hugely fluctuating temperature extremes” is how I would classify what is supposed to be the peak spring growing season around Wichita Kansas.  Despite the unconventional weather, we have had some good growing successes at TFF and Coe Farm.  Potatoes are looking great (more on that when we start to harvest) and we have had some decent, though not outstanding, luck with greens and radishes.  I’ll have to reevaluate again in a month or so but so far the top performers in the garden have been the mustard greens and radishes.   I planted two types of heirloom radishes, Cincinnati Market (aka Long Scarlet) and French Breakfast.  Both of these came from Seed Savers Exchange – see link to right.  These  heirloom varieties have been extraordinary and I can’t recommend them highly enough to radish lovers (like me). 

One fun thing about spring farming this spring has been the addition of geese and ducks.  We have a pair of geese and ducks that follow us around like puppies.  It’s fun to take a break with them now and then.  Not sure about their breeds yet but here is a photo of me resting under a tree with one of our geese.


Taking a break with our geese and ducks.


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