Earth Day



April 22, 2011

Dear Planet Earth,

This is Earth Day.  It’s a day we have set aside to honor you.  While I’m just a speck on your surface and you probably haven’t noticed me I am writing to say how much I appreciate you.  I love your gigantic magnetic field that protects me from the cosmic rays of interstellar space and the solar winds of our nearby star.  I love your thin crust upon which I dwell heated by the mantle beneath and the sun above and covered by sights and wonders that are rare in this universe.  I appreciate all the other life that dwells with me on  your surface and the accumulated riches of minerals, topsoil, fossil fuels, ores and other treasures left here by you and the millions of years of life you have made possible.  Most of all I appreciate your water.  Thank you for gathering it and keeping it here in abundance.  Without it, I would not be here to send this note of thanks.

I apologize for greedily gobbling up too much  of your treasures and spewing their by-products into the thin layer of nitrogen and oxygen you hold in place so I can breathe.  I apologize for the waste and chemicals I have carelessly allowed to pollute your precious water.  I’ll try to do better by you.  I’ll  consume less.  I’ll grow more plants in a responsible way to replenish the oxygen and capture the carbon.  I’ll do all I can to return what I use to your soil in a healthy way that promotes and preserves life for my fellow travelers.  As you know there are almost 7,000,000,000 of my species living on you right now and I think it is fair to say we have not been as good to you as you have been to us.  In fact, you amaze me in your graciousness and resilience.  I only hope we can keep this relationship going for another 10,000 years or so, only a blink to you, but for us it means everything.  

Finally, just know we don’t mean any harm.  We are simple and subject to the same laws of nature as you.  And regardless of how you feel about us please know that every single day we, the denizens of Earth, are all thankful that you are the Earth and you are here.



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