Fall Garden Wrap Up

I’m finally getting around to posting a wrap-up of my fall garden which was quite good, particularly in comparison with my summer garden in 2010.  Here it is February and we are still eating fresh winter squash and Jerusalem artichokes from the fall garden along with frozen beans.  The big hit from the fall garden was the string beans.  They were extremely productive with over 15 lbs of beans harvested from our 8 x 10 raised bed at Turkey Foot Farm.   Just about everything was a big success except our beets and Swiss chard  which got wiped out by a mole that dug a tunnel right down the rows.  It seems the mole was just digging along the row because we watered there and during the drought it was the only place the mole could find water.   The mole also dug through the bean patches but the beans seemed unharmed by the mole’s tunnels.  Below is a table summarizing the planting dates, harvest dates and yield of our fall garden which consisted of two 8 x 10 foot raised beds made from cinderblocks.

Even after giving many of these away, we ended up with 1.5 bushels in our basement. They store well and we ate them right through February and into March. The roasted seeds became a family favorite.

These are a few of the "purple top white globe" variety turnips I grew. They were delicious and I was pulling turnips almost up until christmas. What a wonderful fall crop. This year I plan to plant a whole lot more.

2 responses to “Fall Garden Wrap Up

  1. Rianna Deselich

    Very interesting and informative. If I get chickens I would love to build a house like yours. Keep on growing!

  2. Thanks Rianna. If you decide to get chickens, I’ll be happy to provide some for you. We usually have too many. We hatched a couple this week just to see the results of crossing some of our hens with our Americana rooster.

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