Fall Garden Dinners

The fall garden is looking great!  Last week we had stuffed cabbage.  This is where you hollow out the cabbage and stuff it with a mixture of meat, rice and the grated cabbage heart.  It was delicious.   This cabbage variety is called “Golden Acre Cabbage” and I planted it on June 30.  This was about 70 days to maturity and included a long hot dry spell in August. This weekend (9-19-2010) we picked the first fall beans.  These were a mix of pole beans and bush beans.  They are currently heavily-laden with beans and blossoms but only a handful or so were ready to pick.  We combined the handful of beans with a head of chinese cabbage, or Michihili, and made a delicious light stir fry of onion, tofu, chinese cabbage and green beans.  Delicious and healthy.  The beans are “Blue Lake Bush Beans”  and “Ferry Morse Kentucky Pole Beans” both were planted around July 15 so about 55 days from planting to harvest.  

Cabbage and grated cabbage heart for making “Stuffed Whole Cabbage”


Finished product, includes stuffed heart surrounded by stuffed cabbage leaves


Stir fried chinese cabbage, beans and tofu. Delicious light summer dining.


Chinese cabbage and green beans fresh from the garden.



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