High Peach Season in KS

For the last few weeks we’ve been picking peaches from our trees in Derby KS.  We’ve been making pies and freezing peaches in syrup.  The first tree to produce is one called Stark Early White Giant.   These peaches are big and juicy but are just so-so in flavor.  The more recent, non-early, variety are much yellower inside and much more peachy flavored.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this tree.  Both trees had a huge number of peaches and we had to prop up several branches and even then some of the branches broke under the load.  We finished picking the last peaches off of the early tree this week and it looked very happy to be rid of its load.   There is still a pretty heavy load of peaches on the second tree.  One way to get rid of peaches is to make pies.

Here's a bunch of white peaches from the early tree.

Both trees had a bumper crop and even with lots of proppnig we lost the top out of the early tree and a big branch out of the later tree.

Delicious peach pie straight from the oven. Peaches picked the same morning.

Another way to consume peaches is to freeze them for year-round use.  We’ve frozen 11 quarts so far this year.  Six quarts were frozen using white grape juice and the rest were frozen using regular sugar water as the syrup. 

Quart bags of peaches in the freezer.


One response to “High Peach Season in KS

  1. Yummy! I’m jealous. Wish I could get some of those peaches!

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