Fall Garden Plans

The last of the Granex onions.

I keep digging potatoes at the Coe Farm and this is leaving some unused garden space.







 As I harvest my potatoes and onions, I leave empty spots in the raised beds.  Reluctant to leave ground fallow, I began thinking about a fall Garden.  Most sources say to count backwards from your first frost date to determine appropriate planting times for fall crops.  This raised the question of when our first frost occurs  I found a useful site where you can check first and last frosts by zip code: 


Here is the report for my zip code. 

“Each winter, on average, your risk of frost is from October 26 through April 12. 

Almost certainly, however, you will receive frost from November 13 through March 29. 

You are almost guaranteed that you will not get frost from April 26 through October 8. 

Your frost-free growing season is around 197 days.” 

Based on this frost report, I will count back from November 1.  Here is what I have planted so far: 

Early Butternut F1 Winter Squash – June 19 –  6 seeds-Coe, June 25 – 3 seeds – Coe, June 27 6 seeds – Derby.

Golden Acre Cabbage – June 30 – a short row in raised bed at Derby and planted a few in some starter pots for transplant later Derby. 

 Blue Lake Bush Beans – July 15 – 30 seeds at Derby in raised bed 2.

Chinese Michihili  – July 17 –  a short row at Derby in raised bed 1.

Ferry Morse Kentucky Blue Pole Beans – July 17 – 24 seeds.

Peaches are almost ready at Derby. These peaches are from a branch that broke from the load and the wind.

These are my first really nice tomatoes. The two biggest ones came from a volunteer plant that must have grown from seeds in my compost at Coe.

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  1. the pics really look great. i love gardening, bookmarked this site.

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