Eating Kansas

Nothing like new potatoes to usher in the summer garden harvest.  June 12 was the date for first potatoes at the Coe Farm this year.  They are the Bison variety from Ronniger’s and are considered an early potato.  They were planted on March 11, so they were harvested 90 days after planting.  Not bad.  They are a beautiful potato with red skin.  So far each plant is yielding about 1.3 lbs per plant.  That seems light but maybe it will improve for the later plants.  

Bison potatoes and onions fresh from the garden.

I used these potatoes to make creamed potatoes with onions.  This recipe involves boiling the potatoes with onions until done and then thickening with a mixture of flour and adding lots of pepper.   

Boiling up some potatoes and onions.

Creamed potatoes after thickening with flour.

 We ate these potatoes with burgers made from bison raised by our friend Jerry Schmidt along with a homegrown salad of arugula and radishes.  Here is a photo of our Kansas Grown Meal.  The Bison potatoes have a wonderful creamy texture and a nice mild earthy flavor.  I planted 1 lb of these seed potatoes so we will be eating them for a while.   

Bison burger, arugula salad and creamed potatoes - all Kansas grown.

Another good Kansas-grown farmer’s market staple is chicken from Phil’s Farm.  The next photo shows a Kansas Grown Meal, featuring one of Phil’s fryers that we baked.  Along with the fryer we had fried potatoes (Bison variety again) and a very nice curried squash dish.  The squash is a variety from Burpee called Burpee’s Sweet Gourmet Hybrid.  It is quite tasty and remains sweet and firm when fried.  

Kansas Grown Meal - baked chicken with Bison potatoes, Granex onions and Burpee Sweet Gourmet squash.

This is Trigger checking out what the humans are eating.


One response to “Eating Kansas

  1. Yummy. Eating close to home. I love it. I especially love the bison burgers with bison potatoes 🙂

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