Grow baby grow… (or potatoes, potatoes, potatoes…)

A bed dominated by potatoes that used to have other stuff in it too - which has now been eclipsed by potatoes.

Days of rain followed by hot sunny days equals growing season in south central Kansas during June.  My garden has gone nuts.  The potatoes have become particularly unruly, crossing boundaries into areas planted with radishes, spinach and beans.  Here is a photo of a bed full of potatoes.  I’ve  been harvesting onions, radishes and the last of my spinach which had bolted in a failed effort stay above the potatoes.  On June 3, I went to visit a local nursery that my friend likes.  It is called “Treetop Nursery”.  It’s pretty nice and while I was there I happened to see sweet potato slips, so I bought four of them ($0.25 per slip).  I’ve never grown sweet potatoes.  Here is a photo of the slips.  

Sweet potatoe slips ready for planting.

 It was hard to find a place in the beds for even four slips, but I managed, and so far they are holding their own.  We’ll see what happens. 

 Other activities in the garden include, watching the okra, bush beans, and pole beans slowly succumb to rabbits.  The rabbits seem to eat these plants about as fast as they can grow, so beans and okra are not looking too hopeful this year.  Here is a list of plants that rabbits leave alone in my garden: 

 1)  Rabbits don’t eat potato vines. 

 2)  Rabbits seem to hate arugula. 

 3)  Rabbits will eat radishes, but not too much. 

 4)  Rabbits don’t eat onions but they do trample the tops. 

 5)  Rabbits (surprisingly) don’t bother my spinach or the few carrots I have. 

 6)  Squash – rabbits don’t seem to bother it. 

Here is a list of veggies in descending order of rabbit preference, starting with their most favorite:

 1)  Garden peas

 2)  Bush beans

 3)  Okra

 4) Pole beans

 5)  Spinach 

I will use these lists to help me decide what to plant at the Coe Farm next year.  It will be helpful since I am not there very much and the rabbits pretty much have the run of the place.

By the way I am submitting this post from Brussels where the weather is warm and sunny and the days are long with intermittent rain.  It gets light around 5:00 AM and dark about 10:00 PM.  Those are some long days for growing but I did not see any vegetable gardens while I walked around Brussels.  However, I did see lots of greenery including the nice garden pictured below which appeared to have some ornamental onions or garlic in it.   

Garden in Brussels near my hotel.

When I get back to Kansas, I look forward to harvesting potatoes, onions and squash.


One response to “Grow baby grow… (or potatoes, potatoes, potatoes…)

  1. You have some strange bunnies in Kansas. A bunny here in STL ate the tops off of almost all my carrots. He/she also liked to lop off branches of my green beans. Very frustrating. However, Oddie the cat decided to earn his keep and the little rascal is now gone. Can’t believe I’m turning my back on murder in my own backyard. But, damn it, I chased the little cus out of my garden over and over and he wouldn’t get the message.

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