Tomato Race

The Coe Farm beds are all planted now.  Lots of things are coming up.  I just hope the rabbits show some mercy on the vulnerable young pole beans in this photo as well as other tender young plants.  I think I am all through planting at the moment except as needed to fill in where previous plantings are thin or to refill areas after harvesting.   The rest of this post is about tomatoes.    

This photo shows some pole beans I planted from seeds I bought at Lowes and some arugula that I planted from seeds I got from Morgan County Seeds. Both were planted on April 25.


I ended up planting 4 varieties of tomatoes.  Here is what I have:   

Bush Early Girl – Matures in 52 to 54 days ($2.98 at Johnson’s Garden Center) Champion  – Matures in 62 days ($1.50 at Farmer’s Market)  

 Jet Star– Matures in 72 days ($1.50 at Farmer’s Market)  

 Cherokee Purple – Matures in 80 days ($2.98 at Johnson’s Garden Center)  

 I planted them all in the same week but I don’t really know how old the plants are.  The two I got from the Farmer’s market were much larger than those that Johnson’s was selling.  It will be interesting to see if they mature and produce fruit in the expected order above.  The Tomato Race is on.  Here is a photo of three of the plants.  I made this bed by putting down a sheet of plastic in the yard to kill the grass and cutting holes in the plastic where I planted the tomatoes.  The bed gets quite a bit of sun so I have high hopes for these tomatoes.  

Newly planted tomato vines.


2 responses to “Tomato Race

  1. Cool. I like the plastic idea for the tomatoes. You’ll have to let me know how that works out. I have tomatoes on several of my plants. I was surprised and delighted. Also, about 6-7 little (1″-2″)squash. What are you calling the new farm?

  2. Hi Dee, I have some squash blooming but no fruit yet. I have not decided on what to call the new farm. I might take a poll!

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