Let the sunshine in….

Here comes the sun, but it’s alright I didn’t cut down all the trees.  I blogged about this earlier and today I finally took action.  There was a clump of maple trees that were blocking out the late-day sun.  This time of year the sun was going behind the trees around 4:00 and my vegetable beds were missing out on at least three hours of good direct sunlight due to a clump of tall spindly maples that had grown from an old stump.  I felt they should go so that my beds could get more sun.  I had no special affinity for these maples, but still it is always kind of sad to cut down trees.  In the end I couldn’t bring myself to cut down all of them so I left one standing.  As you can see from the photos below this should bring a lot more sun to the garden. 

The clump of stump maples to the west of the veggie beds that block the late afternoon sun.

Here are the tree trunks. You can see how they made a ring after sprouting from the perimeter of an old stump.

Here is the view after I cut out five of the six maples. This should let a lot more sun in.


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