Recent Plantings and Plans to Kill More Trees.

Today I finally planted the last pound of potatoes.  That makes four pounds of potatoes I planted this year!  These last ones were called Rose Finn Fingerlings.  I had been waiting until we had a good heavy rain so I could start digging out my next bed without too much trouble.  The way I have been making the beds at the Coe Farm is to cut the sod out in squares and I have transplanted all of the sod to the front yard to help fill in some bald spots in the lawn along Coe Dr.  Much of the grass lived and with the recent rains and mowing it looks fairly decent.   We had some good soaking rain on Friday and the earth was soft enough for me to start digging out the third bed without too much strain and this is where I planted about 20 fingerling potatoes. 

I also planted

1)  Oriental Green Arugula from Morgan County Seeds – planted two rows toward the back of the second bed.

2)  Pole beans  I bought at Lowes – I planted about 8-10 seeds against the fence at the back of the second bed.  I have four of the same type of beans sprouted in the first bed.  I plan to put horizontal strings across the fence for the bean vines to climb up.

3)  Clemson Spineless Okra – from Morgan County Seeds – Iplanted 10 seeds next to a bunch of volunteer Jersualem Artichokes with the hopes that these two types of tall plants will live happily next to each other.

Here is a photo I took today of the three raised beds.  The newest one (bed three) is the nearest one.  You can see the shadows from the trees behind me shading bed three.  I am planning to cut these trees down this week.  The second photo is from the east and you can see the trees I plan to kill in that photo.   They are a clump of maples that must have grown from a stump 5 or 10 years ago.   They are also too close to the fence and will start to hurt the fence if they get too much larger. 

My three raised beds. The shadow in front of me is cast by the maples I want to cut down. The barrel in the background is my compost barrel.

Here is a shot of the beds from the east - you can see the clump of maples that shade the garden in the late afternoon.

6 responses to “Recent Plantings and Plans to Kill More Trees.

  1. The beds are looking good. I’m glad you showed a picture of the maple. I was getting a little depressed that you were cutting trees. I see they might be a problem in the future, so I feel better now :0)

  2. Phyllis English

    Doug, your garden looks beautiful and you have done so much work. Thanks for letting me view your farmer blog.

  3. Phyllis English

    Wow all that burning of the pararie burns my eyes and hurts my throat. Are you being careful and safe? Love your gardens and you have a great start. You’ll be eating super good all summer.

  4. I mowed that backyard once or twice. I have fond memories of that house and I never in a million years thought there’d be a vegetable garden there. The house belonged to friends of mine. It’s good to see that you are making good use the yard. I look forward to reading your posts as the season goes on.

    • Hi Yaquigrande,
      Thanks for looking at my blog. I was a little surprised to see somebody actually viewed it. I set it up mainly so my sister in MO could view my gardening progress. One thing good about putting in vegetable gardens is less lawn to mow as you can appreciate; I’m sure. I looked at your blog and was very impressed. Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll keep an eye on your progress as well.

  5. Phyllis English

    I Doug: Well, you are so busy and we would love some new potatoes when we come to visit. If course, since it will be fall. Probably potatoes will have been dug. Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of it and all the fresh veggies.

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