Aerial Shot of Coe Farm

This is an aerial shot from Google Maps that shows the Coe Farm.  It is located on the corner of Edgemoor and Coe Dr.  We rent the house to some students from Nepal and I currently use the garage and shed for storage and as a work shop for car and motorcycle maintenance.  The photo must have been taken before March 2009 because the garden plots are not visible.  I have shown the approximate positions of the garden plots with orange blocks.  The garden plots inside the fence have now been converted into two slightly raised beds to overcome the standing water problem.  I filled the raised beds with some “compost” I got from a local recycler.  Not sure what it consists of.  They told me it was manure from the zoo, grass clippings, leaves and Cargill clay, but it is not the best compost I have ever seen.   Below  is a recent ground-level photo of the raised beds and you can see a third one laid out that I plan to finish digging once we get some more rain.  Also a photo of the front of the Coe House and a photo of some Collard Greens I picked from the garden plot outside of the fence last weekend.  These greens were planted last year and overwintered under a covering of leaves.


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